Privacy Policy

Who we are

Group Buy is a group purchase online marketplace that list all products sold by our suppliers in bulk. Our website address is:

This documentation describes what data may be collected and shared about our customers when products sold on Group Buy. This resource provides a general overview, but if you have specific concerns about a particular extension, we encourage you to contact support about that extension.

As a general rule, store owners should minimize how much personal data they collect, store and share, and disclose what information they’re collecting, storing and sharing on their privacy policy.

Information shared with Group Buy

When you make a purchase on Group Buy, we will only collect information provided by you during the checkout process.


If you choose to make payments through a gateway like PayPal, some of data will be passed to the respective third party, including information required to process or support the payment, such as the purchase total and your billing information.


To take advantage of the real-time shipping rates, fulfill orders and track shipments, certain information about you (as it relates to shipping), shopping carts, and orders will be passed to the respective mailing service.

Emails and Contact Numbers

Group Buy only store emails and contact numbers provided by customers and we only use these information for our own marketing campaigns. We do not share these information with any party unless specified above.